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Have you need getting a lot of credit card chargebacks? Are you searching for an affordable EMV solution for your Aloha® point of sale system?

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EMV cards (otherwise known as “Chip” cards) are the new wave of credit cards. You’ve probably already seen them and for a lot of restaurants and bars, this transition will be easy and smooth. 

The problem with Aloha® as a point of sale system is the so-called “solutions” offered by most credit card processors or support companies usually range from “…we don’t have an EMV solution yet…” all the way through to “…our solution costs $500 per terminal, and $x a month per terminal…


Why Do You Need EMV Compliance?

 – EMV Compliance is all about protecting (both the merchant and the customer) against fraudulent transactions

– Magnetic-stripe readers are easily “skimmed” by hand-held credit/debit readers.

– EMV chips are extremely difficult (but not entirely impossible) to compromise.

Now Let’s Bust Some EMV Myths…

– There has been a lot of confusion about EMV compliance for business.

– EMV for Aloha (or any point of sale system) is NOT required: The choice is in the hands of the merchant…but if you’re looking for a way to minimize chargebacks, you needs to get on board ASAP!.

– EMV is NOT protection against all chargebacks: liability shift is for counterfeit or lost/stolen card data only

– EMV is NOT a way to secure processing: EMV does NOT protect or encrypt card numbers, only determines legitimacy of the card presented for payment.

– EMV is NOT the same as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard): EMV is designed to minimize fraud; PCI is an established standard to secure sensitive data.  

Thankfully, POS Support Now has a solution for your Aloha® EMV Problems!

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