POS Support Now is a support solution for restaurants, bars and other businesses experiencing problems with their Aloha® point of sale system. We offer a wide range of services complimenting your Aloha® system.

Are you in need of help and support with your credit card processing through Aloha®?

Are you are a credit card processor looking for help in changing a restaurant/bar/retailer etc. over to a new credit card processor?

Then let us help!

We know what other Aloha® companies charge, and as much we would LOVE to charge over $500 for what we can accomplish in 1 hour, we just cant bring ourselves to do it!

We charge a flat fee of $110 for switching over a business to a new credit card processor in Aloha®. A fee that is unrivaled by any other company in the United States.

Benefits of using POS Support Now for credit card processing support / Aloha® credit card processor changes :

  • 24/7 dedicated U.S. call center.
  • Safe and secure.
  • All our work is done remotely, therefore there is no reason for you to be at the business as we do our work.
  • We respond faster than any other Aloha® POS support company!
  • The most affordable pricing in the industry.

For help in switching over your credit card processor in Aloha®, call us at (855) 379-0779 or email us directly at


  • System crash support
  • Error message support
  • General Aloha® point of sale system setup
  • Printer routing support
  • General Aloha® training
  • General Aloha® Q&A
  • New Aloha® terminal installation
  • Credit card processing
  • SHA-2 Support
  • Merchant changeovers
  • ….anything else you can think of relating to your Aloha® Point of Sale system!

Located in the U.S.A, POS Support Now is a third-party private Aloha® support company, specializing in delivering Aloha point of sale tech support to restaurant, retail and hotels worldwide. We have delivered cost-effective Aloha® POS Support solutions to thousands of satisfied customers for over 10 years.